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Name: Shanghai Yu Hong mold material Co., Ltd.
Address: room 503, No. 76, nine new highway, Jiuting Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai
Contact: Manager Wu: 13601783138
Wu Manager: 18918095689
Langxi Shengda Forging Co., Ltd.
Address: Langxi Economic Development Zone, Xuancheng, Anhui province (300 m to South)
Contact: Manager Wu: 18930670779
Zip code: 201165
Mailbox: yhmj66@163.com
Web site: www.3535819.buzz www. Yu Hong.Cn

Shanghai Yuhong Mould Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, located in Shanghai Hongqiao business circle, the investment completed in 2010 covers an area of 20000 square meters in Langxi Economic Development Zone Xuancheng modern forging factory Langxi Shengda Forging Co. Ltd., focusing on the development of special steel, forging technology research and development, and passed ISO9001 International quality system certification. Every year for the petrochemical, metallurgy, wind power, military, machinery, mold industry, marine equipment to provide various types of conventional, special, large and medium-sized forging special 10000 tons. We have been adhering to the spirit of continuous innovation and courage to challenge, and do business with professional integrity, quality, innovation and service.

公司新聞標題公司新聞標題 [07-20]
公司新聞標題公司新聞標題 [07-20]
公司新聞標題公司新聞標題 [07-20]
公司新聞標題公司新聞標題 [07-20]
公司新聞標題公司新聞標題 [07-20]
公司新聞標題公司新聞標題 [07-20]
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